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Vita Capsules


SUPPORT YOUR BODY Our popular VITA capsules acts as your all-in-one wellness solution, coupling high-quality CBD (0% THC) with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Designed to help support a healthy immune system, brain function and digestive health. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE? Our...

Energy Capsules


SUPPORT ENERGY LEVELS Our carefully balanced ENERGY capsules are the perfect way to start your day. Loaded with 20mg of high-grade 0% THC cannabidiol (CBD)  and 50mg of purified caffeine per capsule so you can perform at your mental and physical...

Rest Capsules Rest Capsules

Rest Capsules

£44.99 £17.99

SUPPORT YOUR SLEEP No matter your age, background, gender or vocation, quality sleep is something we all need. When it comes to rest, quality trumps quantity and in our modern, hectic and bright world it can be hard to get...