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Libido CBD Oil


SUPPORT YOUR LIBIDO Cannabidiol interacts with the serotonin system, a key regulator of libido and sexual drive. Our carefully formulated Libido tonic is designed to help support a healthy libido in a safe and natural way with other organic ingredients...

Long Lasting CBD Lubricant


SUPPORT YOUR SEX LIFE Dr. Ed Personal Lubricant is a high quality, transparent, greaseless, water-based, non-irritating lube and ideal for use with toys or during intercourse. This premium lube is designed to be extra-long lasting so even a small amount goes...

Massage Oil


SUPPORT YOUR BODY Our light and refreshing massage oil is the result of a unique blend of three vitamin-rich components. Sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and tamanu oil all come together to create a highly effective oil to combat dryness and...

Relief Bath Salt


SUPPORT YOUR BODY! RELIEF is a soothing bath salt mixture designed to relax your body. Great for sore muscles and joints! RELIEF is infused with a wide range of soothing ingredients including essential oils and extracts from thyme, rosemary and...

Relief CBD Bundle


GIVE THE GIFT OF RELIEF  Give the gift of RELIEF with our best-selling RELIEF range bundled into one delightful package.  This bundle includes:Relief Bath Salts5% (500mg) Relief Tincture 250mg Relief Cream  Relief has been carefully designed with the highest-quality ingredients...

Relief CBD Oil


SUPPORT YOUR BODY Relief has been carefully designed with the highest-quality ingredients to increase absorption rates. Our Relief oil contains hemp-derived CBD, and zero THC so you can get all of the benefits of CBD with none of the high....

Rest Bath Salt Rest Bath Salt

Rest Bath Salt

£24.99 £17.99

SUPPORT YOUR SLEEP REST is a gentle bath salt mixture designed to help shut your mind to the outside world. Ideal before a restful sleep. REST is ideally enjoyed an hour or two before bedtime and contains 60 mg of...

Rest Capsules Rest Capsules

Rest Capsules

£44.99 £17.99

SUPPORT YOUR SLEEP No matter your age, background, gender or vocation, quality sleep is something we all need. When it comes to rest, quality trumps quantity and in our modern, hectic and bright world it can be hard to get...

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