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Calm Bath Salt


SUPPORT YOUR MIND CALM is a relaxing bath salt mixture designed to soothe and balance your mind before or after a stressful day. CALM contains a range of luxurious essential oils and plant extracts including lavender, bergamot and rosewood as...

Calm CBD Bundle


GIVE THE GIFT OF CALM Give the gift of CALM with our best-selling CALM range bundled into one delightful package. This bundle includes: Calm Bath Salts 5% (500mg) Calm Tincture This Calm bundle, our most popular range, contains a THC-free...

Calm CBD Oil


SUPPORT YOUR MIND Calm, our most popular oil, is a THC-free oil packed with cannabinoids and a unique blend of naturally calming terpenes. Designed by our scientists to bring peace back to a hectic mind. Vegan friendly, organic and cruelty...

CBD Relief Cream


SUPPORT MUSCLE & JOINTS This premium cream is enriched with arnica oil, natural moisturisers and muscle soothing essential oils like menthol. We’ve infused our creams with 250mg of high grade cannabidiol (CBD 0%THC) creating the perfect solution for aching muscles and...

Energy Capsules


SUPPORT ENERGY LEVELS Our carefully balanced ENERGY capsules are the perfect way to start your day. Loaded with 20mg of high-grade 0% THC cannabidiol (CBD)  and 50mg of purified caffeine per capsule so you can perform at your mental and physical...

Energy CBD Bundle


GIVE THE GIFT OF ENERGY Give the gift of ENERGY with our best-selling ENERGY range bundled into one delightful package. This bundle includes:600mg Energy Capsules5% (500mg) Energy Tincture   Alongside all the standard benefits of high-purity CBD, our Energy products...

Energy CBD Oil


SUPPORT ENERGY LEVELS Alongside all the standard benefits of high-purity CBD, our Energy oil is designed to naturally support your mental and physical energy levels with its unique blend of carefully selected terpenes. Vegan friendly, organic and cruelty free. Broad-spectrum CBD...

Focus CBD Oil


SUPPORT CONCENTRATION In this hectic world it can be easy to lose concentration and sight of your goals. Our popular Focus tonic was created specifically to bring clarity and focus back into view.  Broad-spectrum CBD in MCT oil carrier. 0% THC....

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