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FAQ Series: How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

By: :Alex McMillan 0 comments
FAQ Series: How Long Does CBD Take to Work?


Welcome to another edition of the FAQ Series where we expand on commonly asked CBD-related questions from our growing community. One of the most pressing questions we receive, usually before purchase is something along the lines of ‘how long does CBD take to work?’. There is a common theme in the FAQ Series, which is that as individuals with unique biology (within set limits), we may respond to CBD differently.


This difference can emerge in multiple ways. For example, some individuals perceive benefits from using CBD almost straight away for others it can take weeks to find their ‘sweet spot’, others due to genetic abnormalities probably don’t respond to CBD at all! This is why we always try and stress the point that in most cases, CBD requires perseverance and a bit of experimentation. If you start to view CBD as a ‘quick fix’ to serious issues, then you are setting yourself up for immediate disappointment.


We’ve previously written extensively about why CBD may not be producing the results you expect but generally there are two issues.


  • Not using CBD consistently – expecting results on day 1 is not realistic and may dishearten you to a powerful compound which may help given enough time


  • Not taking enough CBD – although the science is not settled, dosing does appear to alter some of the effects of CBD which is why we stress that starting slow and steady is the best method. Having said this taking a mid-range solution and using 1 drop a day is simply not enough. We always recommend starting with at least 3 drops every time you use CBD and work from there.


There’s a lot that goes into whether or not a product will work for you, but those two elements are key and tend to go hand in hand.



Does CBD Produce Immediate Results?


More pressingly, should you expect immediate results? While some people use CBD to generally support their health, most are looking for help with a specific issue and it is therefore natural to want to feel respite straight away. Many people it seems expect immediate results which is why we spend a lot of our time writing and educating so that consumers view CBD realistically and make the most of it. Cannabidiol functions like some pharmaceutical medications, especially anti-psychotics, which tend to build up in your system over time. It is only when this level builds to a certain point that CBD appears to be most effective.


It is worth pointing out here that taking a massive dose of CBD is not an effective way to increase the levels in your body, at least not in a way that will provide the results you want.


Starting slow and steady with CBD is always the best way to go, increasing your dose week on week until you arrive at the result you are looking for.


You Must Find Your Ideal CBD Dose


Finding your ideal dose is all about finding your ‘sweet spot’. This spot varies between individuals so if you have been personally recommended a CBD product by someone there is no guarantee that their dosing schedule or method will work for you.


We have seen many individuals become frustrated with their CBD products, often oils, after using 1 drop a day and not seeing what they expected. They have made two key mistakes.


1)    Not listening to our serving suggestions or general dosing advice which recommends at least 3 drops every time you use CBD usually morning, noon and night depending on requirements.


2)    Not increasing the dose despite knowing that their current regime is not performing as they want.


Similarly, taking too much CBD straight away can also lead to frustration which is why overall, starting carefully and increasing your dose week on week is the most effective way to start using CBD oils. CBD, although not dangerous even at very high doses, produces a bell curve response which means that it suffers from diminishing returns i.e. once you find a dose that works for you, continuing to increase the dose will not necessarily produce better results which leads to wasted money. In fact, overdosing may reduce the perceived benefits. Therefore, finding your dose is not just about making the most of your CBD products, it’s also about using them in the most cost-effective way.


Additionally, as CBD builds up in your system over time, CBD is best used and viewed as a daily, consistent supplement rather than an as-needed remedy.


Ultimately, how long CBD takes to work is almost entirely dependent on you, your commitment to using the product as well as your biology and current health. As everyone varies so much, we can never state with certainty how much CBD you will need to use to see an effect which is why we recommend a general starting point and then suggest you increase slowly, keeping a dosing diary if needs be. A dose calculator can be found on each of our product pages to help you get started.



How Do I Know If CBD Is Working?


As with most treatments or drugs, a reduction in symptoms is the main thing to look out for. Many consumers are under the impression that using CBD will make them feel ‘great’ or generally ‘better’. While this can be true, in reality, using CBD is more about what you don’t feel any more i.e. you elbow doesn’t hurt as much, or you get less worked up in stressful situations.


If you are confused in anyway about Dr. Ed® CBD products or another product you have seen online then please speak to us! This is a confusing market and we are here to help.


Reach out to us on web chat, social media or over email if you have any questions about our products, carrier oils or CBD in general.

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