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F.A.Q Series: What happens if I forget to take my CBD?

By: :Alex McMillan 0 comments
F.A.Q Series: What happens if I forget to take my CBD?

You've found your sweet spot after weeks of experimenting; your symptoms have reduced and CBD really seems to be doing the trick. But then, disaster strikes! You have gone away and forgotten your CBD. What happens if you forget to take your CBD?

Anecdotally and in carious experimental setting, chronic or long-term dosing with CBD is largely more effective than using CBD once in a response to a specific event. Users get the most out of CBD products when they view them as daily-use supplements rather than a one-off remedy. This means most people who have found success with CBD use their chosen products consistently as a way to prevent recurrence of symptoms they used to experience. 

There are loads of reasons you might forget to take a dose of CBD but what actually happens? 


 Is withdrawal a 'thing' with CBD?

CBD is not considered physiologically addictive and has no abuse potential based on current findings (1). This means that specific withdrawal symptoms do not occur. If you do experience typical withdrawal symptoms after stopping CBD then double check the contents of your product and the legitimacy of the supplier!


Can I expect any issues if I miss a dose?

Cannabinoids like CBD are rarely CURES for disorders but instead have experimentally proved themselves useful in combating SYMPTOMS of certain diseases and disorders (2). As such, missing a dose can lead to the reoccurrence of symptoms from the disorder you are trying to combat.  


So that's it. We like to keep it short and sweet. 


Try to avoid skipping doses

Consistent use of CBD on a regular schedule is thought to be key by many users who have used CBD successfully. Keeping a short dosing diary is very useful as it gets you in the pattern of regular use but also recording how you feel on any given day to assess if your dosing is actually helping in the way you want it to. Another way of never avoiding a dose is to set up a recurring note reminder or silent alarm on your phone. 

Choosing a CBD product and thus delivery method that is right for you is key to staying on track with regular use. If you don't like using tinctures then look for an alternative; capsules perhaps. What is the best method that fits into your life style? 

As always if you need any support or just fancy a cheeky natter, reach out to our team on live chat, social media, phone or email!

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