Travelling with CBD Oil: Can I leave the UK with CBD Oil?

There remains a great deal of confusion surrounding the rules of taking CBD (oil) with you on your travels. The general rule of thumb is that flying, or otherwise travelling, to European Nations from the UK is safe providing your CBD oil has a THC level below the legally agreed limit of no more than 1mg per bottle. Note: this blog is advice only and while we think it is solid advice, if you have specific worries about travelling with CBD oil we suggest getting in contact with the Customs Department of the country to which you are travelling – they will be able to give you a definitive Yes or No answer as to whether you can bring CBD oils to your destination.

We have put together a brief FAQ style list below so you can be sure you are safe when travelling to Europe and beyond with CBD oils. This FAQ represents the most common questions our team is asked regarding travelling with CBD.


Can I take CBD oil on a plane leaving the UK?

The short answer is yes you can. CBD oil can be placed in the hold or in hand luggage (providing it is below the liquid limit of 100ml). The issues arise based on your destination location which may have different legalities surrounding CBD and other hemp-derived products. Due to the rise in popularity of CBD, all UK airports are now aware of the product and you will not be the first, or the last person, to travel with them. Make sure to double check the legality of CBD in the country you are flying to. Travelling to Europe is safe but if your destination is somewhere like Dubai, you MUST leave your CBD at home. Many UAE destinations do not distinguish between Cannabis and CBD and via CBD products in general, as a controlled substance. 


 Do I need to put CBD oil in hold or hand luggage? 

You can choose to take CBD oils in either your hold luggage or hand luggage. If you decide to take your CBD oil with you into hold luggage remember that liquid rules still apply. In the UK there is a 100ml limit on hold luggage liquid. As the majority of CBD oils in the UK are sold in 10ml or 30ml bottles you should not have an issue. Place your CBD oil bottle in the clear plastic bags at security checkpoints as you would do with all other liquids. If you have no intention of using CBD oil on the flight or immediately before or after we suggest placing the bottle in your hold luggage.


Can I fly from the UK to Europe with CBD oil?

You can fly trouble free from the United Kingdom to the European Union. Regular travel of CBD users between the UK and the EU has led to smooth processes partly because authorities are fully aware of CBD products, their safety and popularity.  You have no reason to be worried about flying with CBD oil from the UK to any EU country – as long as you comply with standard airline rules such as liquid limits and your CBD oil is legal in the UK and the country of destination, you will be fine.


A note on Spain:

Spain is a very popular destination for holidaying brits hence this specific inclusion. You can fly from any UK airport to Spain with CBD oil either in your hand luggage or within your main luggage items which go into the hold. Spain has a number of CBD oil brands and a quickly growing industry, so staff and authorities are well aware of CBD oil.  Like the rest of the EU, a 10ml bottle of CBD oil will not be an issue or require you to declare anything as you are taking UK legal CBD into Spain.


Which countries should I NOT travel to with CBD oil?

While Europe is generally safe and has many similar laws to the UK, there are a number of countries where ANY HEMP DERIVATIVE is illegal so you must not risk taking CBD (in any form) there.

Countries that you should NOT take CBD to include:

  • Arabic countries in general including Dubai and Oman
  • South East Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Lao, Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Korea & Japan – double check with their customs before travelling! 

Whether a country is deemed safe for travel with CBD or not, it is always good practise to review the law at your destination and the exact content of your products for any conflicts. For even more peace of mind contact your destination and ask them specific questions about travelling with CBD oil. Never assume you can travel indiscriminately outside the EU with CBD oil or cannabis/hemp products without doing your due diligence.


Can I take CBD oil to America from the UK?

Until mid 2019 all forms of marijuana/hemp/cannabis were prohibited in hand luggage in the USA. This has since changed such that some forms of cannabis oil including CBD oils can be taken in hand luggage; as long as the CBD oil is below the legal limit on THC and produced in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill i.e. derived from low-THC hemp, the product is fine onboard. However, as further digging is usually required by agents to work out if oils comply, it is much more practical and safer to pack your oil in your hold luggage when flying from the UK to the USA.

We hope this has been helpful and cleared up some of the confusion surrounding travelling with CBD oil. If you would like to know more about travelling to specific countries from the UK, please speak to our team online or contact the Customs Department of the country you are planning to visit for an authoritative answer.


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