Quality Matters

Quality matters

Our products are superior. Bold claims we know but we wouldn’t be much of a company if we didn’t believe our products are the best. Of course, we believe this, but we also have the information to back it up. The current growth of the CBD market has led to the growth of literally hundreds of CBD ‘brands’ promising the world. The sad truth is many of them are at best, naively misleading and at worst, outright lying to you about what CBD can do and what their products actually contain; the exact opposite of what Dr. Ed stands for. They make our industry look bad and we’re trying to restore the trust. Below are some of the reasons we stand out in an often-confusing market.

Low quality CBD is EVERYWHERE

The boom of CBD in the USA has helped fuel similar rapid growth in the UK.

CBD Growth UK

Just like in the USA, the UK has also seen an influx of scam or misleading CBD products. The UK’s Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) conducted a study in February of 2019 and the results were eye opening and concerning. The study involved the researchers purchasing a wide range of CBD products currently on the market and assessing their contents.

  • Only 38% of products contained the correct advertised amount of CBD
  • Another 38% had less than half of the advertised CBD content
  • Over half were found to have illegal levels of THC
  • One case was reported in which a £90 bottle of CBD oil contained zero CBD
  • Multiple cases were reported in which the products contained concerning levels of ethanol, dichloromethane and cyclohexane

 Only regulation and true transparency from brands will ultimately protect consumers; the majority of brands clearly do not agree with this.


 The source of CBD matters

Hemp is a form of cannabis that has been grown for industrial purposes with a total THC content of no more than 0.2%. We use specially grown Californian hemp to produce the CBD in our products. We purposefully sourced highly sought-after US farmers to grow our hemp and use the leaves (a high source of CBD), not the stem, of the hemp plant. Our plants contain substantially more CBD than the European industrial hemp used by the majority of brands on the market. Our plants naturally produce over 18% CBD in comparison to European hemp which can have as low as 0.2% CBD by weight.

Due to this high CBD content, following the first extraction process, we can produce a base oil with a CBD content of 70-80%, the highest natural CBD content of any producer in the world!

As we have such high CBD content to start with, we waste very little plant material. Our plant waste (by weight) is approximately 20-30% compared to up to a whopping 98% by our competitors who use European industrial hemp. On top of that, low CBD hemp requires more intense extraction processes which can damage the CBD molecule itself; we completely avoid this.

We work exclusively with the largest registered hemp farms who comply fully to US farming regulations. This means we can guarantee that pesticides and heavy metals are never present in the soil or surroundings where our hemp is grown.

 UPDATE: If you are on the hunt for a CBD brand, always ask questions. Good companies will be able to and want to answer them! Who’s actually producing the hemp that they’re using for their products? Sometimes the brand has their own farms that they own and operate. Sometimes they may have partnerships with local farms. Other times still, they import their hemp from overseas or are a “white label” of another brand. Imported CBD isn’t always a bad thing BUT imported hemp and hemp derivates certain countries including China, tends to be very low-quality, low in CBD and high in things such as heavy metals and pesticides. Always question the company if you are not sure. If they cannot or refuse to answer – give them a miss!


 Lab testing

Our use of  use of advanced technology and extraction methods means that our CBD is of the highest possible purity with even the lowest trace amounts of THC removed – fully backed by our rigorous testing methods and lab reports.

CBD with no THC

If you are looking for a CBD product and as a consumer want 0% THC, the very least you deserve is a product that actually has 0% THC. Many brands that claim 0% THC either have detectable trace amounts or illegal amounts of THC. The definition of false advertising.

On top of our THC-free guarantee, our seal represents our guarantee of quality, safety and reliability; achieved through extensive research and development coupled with the use of only the finest ingredients.

Due to the investments we have made, we can make unrivalled guarantees regarding the quality and safety of our products.

Many brands that try to dupe people with sub-standard products and literally make CBD in their bedrooms/garages and sell it online. They don’t have the credentials to understand their product, they don’t invest in high quality ingredients and they don’t have the facilities or expertise to create products that are safe and reliable. If you put your trust in us, you are trusting the best there is.

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