I’m Scared to Try CBD!

We’ve talked at length about the science of CBD, carrier oils like MCT and other helpful factoids about CBD but something we have seen crop up repeatedly in recent months are phrases like:

I really want to try CBD, but I’m scared!

 In fact, a family member of mine said these words almost exactly and it took a fair deal of soft persuasion to get them to give it a go. They are very glad they did. While CBD isn’t right for everyone and is not guaranteed to help it is certainly worth trying in many situations.

There are a range of reasons people may be scared of trying CBD:


I’m concerned about quality

As a consumer, you are right to be concerned about quality, especially when it comes to food supplements and your health. If you are eating a product it’s only right that you demand high-quality goods and to know exactly what you are ingesting. We have touched before on the current state of the CBD industry and the relative lack of regulation. While progress is certainly being made a large number of small brands flaunt the rules that the industry is trying to introduce to protect consumers. Warning signs of poor-quality brands include but are not limited to:

  1. Significant medical claims: This is currently against MHRA guidelines due to a lack of CLINICAL research.

2. Very low prices: CBD is an expensive product to make; very low prices indicate poor products with little to no CBD

3. Confusing labelling and ingredient lists: Suggest brands don’t know their product and the industry or are deliberately trying to mislead.

4. Products only available on eBay and Amazon: Buying named brands on these sites is usually safe but products only listed on these sites are often made by home/bedroom blenders who cannot guarantee consistency or safety.


I think CBD might get me high

Cannabidiol (CBD) does not interact with the brain in the same way as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the chemical associated with the high of cannabis. As such, CBD does not get users high and may even reduce the psychoactive effects of THC when taken together. Our oils are all made to exacting standards and contain 0% THC. While the current legal limit of 0.2% THC in other brand oils is unlikely to get you high, we avoid THC altogether based on feedback from our market research and general sentiment in the UK.


Will CBD make me feel worse

While we can’t make direct medical claims or suggestions, the pre-clinical evidence shows that CBD can have significant positive effects in mammals and is a generally safe compound.

Anecdotal evidence shows that some people may feel groggy or tired when using CBD, by and large they are more than willing to put up with these issues due to the overall positive effect CBD has had on their lives. Using CBD is an individual experience and never quite the same for everyone so take things slowly to find out what works for you.


Does CBD have serious side effects?

Although there are currently no long term clinical trials looking at the side-effects of CBD and the therapeutic dose range of CBD has yet to be firmly established, pre-clinical data from large scale rodent studies suggests CBD is a safe compound with an overdose value so high you would have to go to ridiculous lengths to cause serious damage.

For the sake of clarity, CBD can induce side effects. Despite being well tolerated, CBD can cause changes in appetite as well as tiredness. Bear in mind that CBD appears to have a wide dosing range and doses which cause tiredness in one person might not produce this effect in others.

In general, CBD side effects are very mild and the fact that it is well tolerated at a wide range of doses means few people experience issues when using CBD.


I think CBD is expensive

 When you purchase high quality CBD products from reputable brands you can normally expect to pay a fair wack but there are good reasons for this. True CBD products are not cheap to produce. 

High quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology unfortunately cost a lot, but they ensure you receive premium products every single time you buy. If you see CBD online or anywhere for bargain-bucket prices, then it almost certainly isn’t CBD (or not the amount you think it is) so always be careful when it comes to pricing. Don’t forget many bigger brands, including us, have numerous discounts available at any given time. We offer 10% off for seniors and service men and women. You can also receive an additional 10% off just by being a member of our Facebook group. We also frequently run campaigns like our monthly Pay Day promotions. If you are savvy with your online shopping, you can save a fortune!

In summary there a few things you can do to ease yourself into the next step. Take a look at the peer-reviewed research about cannabinoids, effects and side-effects on high-quality academic sites like PubMed. You can also take a look at some of our other blogs which cover a range of topics and have citations you can check out for yourself. 

As always, if you have any technical questions about our products please reach out to us directly on our website chat.

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