FSA Announcement on CBD

Major news and media outlets have today highlighted the Food Standards Authority (FSA) official announcement on ingestible CBD products in the UK. The FSA has stated that all businesses selling ingestible forms of CBD such as CBD in food or oils, must apply for a Novel Foods Permit by March 2021. Additionally, the FSA warned that those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid CBD products – something which we have always made very clear. An upper limit of 70mg per day of CBD has also been imposed. 

Here are the facts about the announcement:

  • Businesses selling CBD which is ingested i.e. CBD in food or oral oils, must apply for a Novel Food Permit by March 2021
  • Topical and cosmetic CBD products are exempt
  • Failure to apply for a Novel Food Permit means ingestible CBD products may be taken down from retail stores as they will not be validated for UK sale
  • Local authorities are responsible for enforcing the Permits

A note from Dr. Edward Jones

I would like to take this opportunity to assure our consumers that we are industry leading when it comes to how we make our CBD products. From the raw ingredients we source, to our mixing processes, analytics and labelling accuracy; we strive to be the most transparent and informative CBD company around. The suppliers in our production chain who need to apply for a Novel Food License already have or are in the process of doing so. If anyone would like to speak to our team or myself directly about this announcement please do not hesitate to reach out.

UPDATE: August 2023

We have been less than impressed with the FSAs handling of this process and it is clear that there are a number of serious failings that have occurred over the last two years including allegations of collusion. Many CBD businesses have been forced to close due to the direct mishandling of this process by the FSA. 

We are still awaiting full validation from the FSA for our entire range of products despite submitting all relevant data nearly two years ago. Hundreds of UK CBD brands are in the same position. However, our entire range has been accepted onto the official FSA list and our products remain cleared for sale in the UK. This section will be updated following full validation by the FSA. 

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