F.A.Q Series: How Should I Store CBD?

Well-made CBD products with an appropriate carrier oil has a long shelf life when stored correctly. While this article mainly focusses on CBD oils, the advice can be applied to almost all CBD products to enhance their shelf life. Remember, CBD is a light and heat sensitive molecule, so a stable and cool environment is ultimately what to aim for whether you use balms, gummies or oils. It is worth considering the storage of your CBD products; they aren’t cheap and if you rely on their use daily, they are probably a prized possession.


Limit Air Exposure by Quickly Closing Containers

 While this mainly applies to oils, it is good practise, in general to close CBD product containers as soon as you have used them to avoid accidental spilling or anything unwanted entering the product. Remember not to over-tighten the oil lid however as you may damage the lid itself or the glass pipette within.

Frequent exposure to air can increase the speed at which CBD oils degrade so treating oils like foods is a good idea.

Note that some CBD oils may turn pink over time. This does not mean your CBD is ‘off’. In fact, it is actually a sign that your CBD is in a high-quality MCT oil carrier. A natural enzyme found in MCT called polyphenol oxidase reacts to light and oxygen, gradually turning the oil pink by oxidising polyphenols within the oil. Pink CBD will not taste differently and will still produce the same effects so is not a reason to throw the product away!


CBD Storage: Find a Cool Dark Place

Probably the most important rule of all regarding proper CBD storage! Ensuring you keep your CBD oil somewhere cool and dark is the best way to increase it’s shelf-life even when already open. A stable environment helps avoid the main things that degrade CBD including higher temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight. While heat and light won’t make your oil dangerous, they can slowly degrade the cannabinoids making your product less potent and thus less effective overtime. At Dr. Ed we use an opaque bottle precisely to protect the contents from sunlight.

While some may recommend storing your CBD in the fridge, depending on the carrier oil used, this can make the CBD oil thicken up. This in turn makes the oil harder to pipette and may interfere with your dosing. Storing in a fridge is not necessary and a cupboard will do just fine.

As an additional tip; one of the worst places you can leave or store your CBD oil is in a car. The fluctuating temperatures, which can get very high in summer, as well as vibrations that can damage the bottle and dropper, are best avoided.


Pay Attention to The Dropper

Avoid letting the dropper touch your mouth during application. Transfer of bacteria from your mouth to the dropper can lead to bacterial growth inside your CBD oil. If you are struggling to use sublingual oils, take your time and better yet, apply the drops slowly in front of a mirror. Soon you will be a pro and won’t need the mirror at all!

 If you are ever concerned about using CBD or purchasing CBD online from a company you aren’t sure about, even if it is nothing to do with Dr. Ed®, feel free to reach out to our support team to lend a hand. Head to our Contact page to speak to us.


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