F.A.Q Series: Can I Vape CBD Oil?

We’ve been asked numerous times about whether Dr. Ed® oils are safe to vape. As this has been asked repeatedly and it is an important question to answer we have extended our answer below. Vaping is one of the many ways to consume CBD products and although vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking, some prospective CBD users have been introduced to the world of vaping purely because of CBD – they are not previous smokers or vapers.

The general rule of thumb is that only vape-specific solutions and liquids should be used in vape devices. You should never assume any liquid is safe for vaping unless made specifically for vape devices by a reputable manufacturer. Under no circumstances should Dr. Ed® oils or any other tincture/sublingual CBD oil be used in a vape device.


What Happens If I Vape CBD Oil?

We ask that you don’t vape CBD oil for the simple reason that it is dangerous. The danger actually stems from the carrier oil (i.e. MCT, Hemp Oil) and not the CBD. Vaping of oils like this can lead to lipid pneumonia. This disorder occurs when lipids (fats) are inhaled into the lungs, specifically the bronchial tree. This results, amongst other things, in lung inflammation and immune cell infiltration to the site as well as eventual fluid build-up. It is a serious condition and can result in life long impaired lung function as well as serious acute illness. Although there are endogenous causes for lipoid pneumonia, by the far the most common is the inhalation of oil droplets of which vaping is an example.

Almost all vape products use Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and/or Propylene Glycol (PG) as their base which are considered safe to vape. Some liquid CBD products are made using these compounds meaning they can be used both under the tongue and in vape devices. If you can’t see these ingredients on the packaging, the CBD is not a clear ‘vape’ product, you don’t recognise the manufacturer, or the CBD is specifically for oral use then do not vape it!


An additional note on MCT:

We use MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) as our CBD carrier oil as it is tasteless, organic, a source of healthy fat, and readily absorbed. Recently a ‘new generation’ of vaping products have started to include MCT as a carrier oil. The rational is that the ‘medium’ sized triglycerides in MCT can be absorbed in the lungs whereas the longer chain triglycerides found in hemp seed oil and olive oil cannot. However, there is practically no data available on MCT absorption into the lungs so we cannot determine the rate of absorption but even more seriously, we cannot determine if vaping MCT oil is safe. Our strong recommendation is that you do not vape products, even products designed for vaping, that contain MCT oil.


The Final Word

Only products specifically designed for vaping should be vaped. Going a step further, even vape specific liquids that use MCT oil should be avoided as the safety data is non-existent. Almost all CBD tinctures and oil are designed for sublingual (oral) use and vaping them can lead to health issues.

If you are ever concerned about using CBD or purchasing CBD online from a company you aren’t sure about, even if it is nothing to do with Dr. Ed®, feel free to reach out to our support team to lend a hand. Head to our Contact page to speak to us or send us a message over web chat or on social media.

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