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Dr. Ed CBD
Targeted CBD Blends You Can Trust

Dr. Ed® is a science-focused CBD company, creating unique and powerful CBD products that can’t be found anywhere else. Founded by an experienced team of biologists and chemists, no other company in the UK can match Dr. Ed® when it comes to high quality product creation, CBD advice and scientific education.

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CBD Just Levelled Up
Our Plus Range CBD Oils

The Dr. Ed® PLUS range of CBD oils represents over 12 months of hard work, testing and revision. We are leading the UK CBD market when it comes to next-generation wellness solutions, coupling CBD products of unparalleled purity with other all-natural components. All our PLUS range oils are premium broad-spectrum CBD oils (0% THC) infused with additional terpenes and two active ingredients to take their effects even further.

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For Rest

Slow your mind and ease yourself into a comfortable sleep with our broad-spectrum, 0% THC Rest oil. Blended skilfully with naturally relaxing terpenes as well as sleep-promoting L-theannie and tryptophan. Vegan friendly, organic and cruelty free.


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What Is

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa. CBD is a fat-soluble, non-toxic compound that interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the human body that collectively make up the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a vital system and involved in a number of processes including pain signalling, reward processing, appetite regulation, mood control and general metabolism. While CBD is psychoactive, influencing signalling in the brain, it does not inebriate users or otherwise make them feel ‘high’ in anyway.

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Legal In The UK?

CBD is fully legal in the UK and is not a regulated substance. CBD is also legal in most of the USA and Europe so can be taken to many parts of the world if you are travelling. Make sure to double check with the Home Office of any country you are going to before packing.


Why Choose
Dr. Ed CBD?

We are scientists first and foremost and place particular emphasis on educating our consumers and creating science-backed CBD products that can’t be matched on quality, effectiveness or consistency. If you choose Dr. Ed® you are choosing the best Britain has to offer.

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