how it started

our story

Dr. Ed was co-founded by Dr. Edward Jones, an experienced Neuroscientist along with close friend Alex McMillan, who had personally experienced anxiety and successfully used CBD to tackle it but could not find a consistently high quality oil. This fuelled a quest for knowledge and investment in a unique CBD-derived product line.

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our promise

We promise to NEVER confuse customers with scientific jargon and ludicrous claims of ‘miracle cures’. Our products are backed by genuine research and if we don’t think CBD will work for someone, we won’t encourage them to use it. Remember, health MUST come first. When it comes to our range, we promise to always deliver pharmaceutical grade CBD products with 0% THC, industry leading labelling, lab reports and expert advice.

why we do this

Our mission

Our mission isn’t to be the biggest, it’s to be the most trusted brand when it comes to CBD. We offer such a targeted range of unique CBD-products with clean branding that when people think of CBD, they think ‘Dr.Ed’.

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